Diamond Vase Green // HOF


This diamond shaped vase is the perfect gem to adorn your boudoir. Add a palm leaf for that extra finesse.

Size: 46 cm.

Color: green

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As a modern-day advocate of good taste with roots in a bygone age, it has become my mission to embrace a certain sense of opulence and style. I’ve rolled up my sleeves, recruited my fellow marauders and am leading a foray into the world of boutique stores which have become a copy-paste of themselves. In doing so, I have uncovered a bounty that I wish to share with others.

I invite you to experience and, perhaps one day, be part of my cabinet of curious goods.
This is my home and one day it may be part of yours. Here you will find luxury goods of many lands, my offerings include hand-printed textiles and carefully-crafted jewels, for not all treasure is silver and gold. From items to adorn your interior, to those that will make you feel right at home.

Each piece has been carefully selected by myself and my fellow makers of taste.