Tropicoco Tea // Or Tea?


TropiCoco Premium Organic Fruit Tea by Or Tea?.

Tropical fruits are delicious, too good for just making a Pina Colada. Let’s transform these juicy fruits into a healthy drink to benefit more of my friends. So let me set you free birdie, off off off you go.

Ingredients: Mango pieces, Apple pieces, Coconut pieces, Hibiscus white, Orange peel, Liquorice root, roasted Chicory root. Aroma: Pineapple and coconutty. Flavour: Like a glass of Pina Colada, without hangover the next day. Caffeine Free.


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Artisanal specialty teas from around the world.

Or Tea? is a premium specialty tea brand whose strongly Chinese heritage reflects that millennia-old tradition. In recreating this legendary drink as an art form, Or Tea? warmly welcomes a new generation of tea drinkers to enrich their lives with this ancient, yet contemporary brew.

Outer beauty attracts. Inner quality captivates.
Imagine having both?

At Or Tea?™, bringing you the most premium specialty tea from around the world has always been our priority. By blending contemporary Chinese art into every flavour we offer, we’re determined to transform tea drinking into a much loved part of your daily life. So be sure to show off your impeccable taste each time friends drop around for a cuppa.

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