House of Fiv5

Paint on Things by House of Fiv5.

She is a mother, a rebel and a self made artist. Painting on plates, cabinets or surfboards this typography artist combines text and visual goodness to evoke emotions. Love is Free!

Shop your decorative plates by House of Fiv5 here. Send your in-laws into shock as you serve the canapés in true style on this one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, design. Or display these unique plates on your walls or showcase in your treasure chest.

Hanging a collection of plates on a wall is hardly a “trend”. People having been doing this for ages, probably dating back to the cavemen.

Top Tip:
Ok, if you’re going to hang plates you have to use disk plate hangers. They are the BEST. All you do is wet the disk and press onto the back of a plate. Then let it dry overnight, and it is completely adhered to the surface. Hang a nail or screw in the wall, and then add your plate! None of those awful, gold spring-loaded plate holders of the olden days. Plus if you want to remove them, you just soak your plate overnight and the disks come right off. They are one my very favorite little tools.

Please note: these plates are ment to adorn your walls and don’t like dishwashers.


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