Maddnes House of Design

A truly unique brand, slightly quirky and bizarre.

Their trademark is a combination of botanical and anatomical elements. Always with a good doses of humour, their unique collection has its own added narrative, often in line with the studio’s vision of consumer-culture. MADDNES House of Design has created a limited edition consisting of these slightly quirky, slightly bizarre series of products 


The people behind this conceptual home decoration brand are a team of passionate designers and stylists, specialized in conceptual design from product development to graphical form. After years of concept and product development for a number of companies, such as the Bijenkorf, Tommy Hilfiger and Marlies Dekker, the team decided to start their own product line in their own vision.

Their Motto? Just add a touch of MADDNES to every day life.

All items are manufactured in small quantities. The collection of MADDNES HOUSE of Design consists of home accessories, objects for the interior and fashion related items. The attention to detail is amazing and the twisted humour is spot on. … The details, the scenarios, its all given so much thought.



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