7 Chakra Mala Toddler Necklace // Anna Michielan


This shorter children’s mala is fun, happy and colorful; your child will love wearing this mala while receiving the subtle healing energies of the different stones.

Your child can wear this mala on her or his body; but you can also place it somewhere near to where they spend a lot of time, like near to where they sleep.

The collection of carefully chosen stones will help your child to balance his or her energies;

Garnet looks after children’s physical health, Carnelian soothes their emotion and brings joy while looking after their digestive health, Citrine radiates warmth and comfort while protecting the stomach, Aventurine looks after children’s heart energies and clears the emotional heart on a consistent basis, Turquoise allows children to release their emotions freely, Lapis Lazuli protects the child from nightmares, Amethyst is the mother of your child’s spirit and offers protection and guidance during sleep as well, Crystal Clear Quartz is the stone to absorb and release children’s fears and replace it with clarity. We encourage you to clean the crystals on a regular basis; in return, the crystal will take care of your precious young child.

Babies wearing this Seven Chakra mala will harmonize and balance all of their 7 chakras. Each stone will bring a different vibrational healing and altogether bring joy to your baby!

Until 5 years old.

108 beads, 2mm, 58cm.

Materials and Dimensions: Amethyst, Aventurine, Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Rudraksha, Turquoise.

Designer Anna Michielan created this mal, an ancient Eastern spiritual necklace, with the belief that gemstones can invite the power to enhance your inner wellbeing. As part of her design process, she connects with each stone and its healing properties.
The Oishii collection combines beautiful jewelry design with the healing properties of gems, stones, and precious metals. Italian artist, Anna Michielan carefully selects silver, gold, copper, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, beads, and rare artifacts, then meticulously transforms them into modern pieces. Committed to the wisdom in the natural world of minerals and gems, Michielan embraces the mysticism behind the materials.

We would like to advise you that due to our jewelry being handmade we are very careful with our production process, yet our jewelry can sometimes come with little adjustments. Handmade items are always imperfectly perfect.


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malas by anna michielan


Heal, Grow and Create Your Aspirations.

Anna Michielan creates jewels with passion. The handmade Crystal Jewellery is made for your life, spirit and wellbeing with the finest quality gemstones and is designed to balance your energies and bring out your inner beauty.

Anna Michielan channels her exclusive healing jewellery collection through her own spiritual practice and meditation. She receives the blessing and benefit of the crystals herself and she shares this gift with many others. You can implement the jewellery pieces as a tool to heal, protect, enhance and transform energies.

Anna’s heart’s desire is to touch your soul and embrace your future with positive intentions.

 How to choose the right mala for you?

Mala beads can help you move forward in your life through a spiritual practice; they can provide peace and calm, joy, creativity and protection. The individual property of the beads, stones and crystals can enhance, empower and support your intentions. They can act as a reminder to be more conscious about what you’re seeking, how you’re acting, and what you’re manifesting in your life.
 When you wear a mala with intention it can give meaning to your soul purpose; you can wear one to give you strength for challenging times, or to remind you to be more mindful. You can hold a mala in your hand during meditation to keep focus as you touch the beads one by one, repeating your mantra or affirmation. Choose a mala from your intuition and allow your Soul to guide you, or choose the appropriate mala from the description in this article and personalize it with your chosen crystals.

 I purchased a Mala, now what?

Malas can remind you of the positive changes you are making for yourself; wearing one underneath your clothes can give you a sense of safety and protection, or a soft loving reminder to stay close to your heart. You may want to create your own affirmation or mantra and let the beads help you concentrate to repeat them. There is something very auspicious about this experience; it is art for the soul. We don’t have to get stuck in religious rituals but we can be inspired by this ancient practice and apply it in our own creative way.

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