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Artisanal Herbal Incense – Attracts Prosperity (Yagra)


Meet your new go-to for attracting prosperity and wealth.

Sagrada Madre’s Natural Yagra Abundance Incense. Ready to usher in the good stuff and open new pathways in life? Yagra is here to make it happen!

This incense stick is like a magick wand in your hand. Light it up, let it dance in your favorite incense holder, and watch the abundance flow. It’s all about attracting prosperity, wealth, and paving new paths for your dreams to come true. The scent is smooth, and carries a delightful hint of citrus. It’s like the irresistible fragrance of success, drawing in wealth and good fortune.

This stick is potent (and delightful, to be honest). It’s the prosperity powerhouse you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re looking to manifest abundance, welcome prosperity, or unlock new opportunities, Yagra Abundance Incense Stick is your go-to tool for positive transformation.

What’s Inside: each package contains 8 thick incense sticks, each one handcrafted with love and intention. 100% clean, natural ingredients from sustainable sources. Scroll down to find your personal money mantra.


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I’ve got something truly magical to share with you today, and I just know it’s going to resonate with your soul. It’s all about finding your Money Mantra based on your Zodiac Sign. You know how we’re always talking about the power of the universe and how it influences our lives? Well, this is all about using that cosmic energy to attract abundance and prosperity. So, let’s dive in and discover the magic that awaits each sign!

Your Cosmic Guide to Financial Abundance, by Zodiac Sign

Money isn’t just paper and coins; it’s a vibe, a flow, a dance with the universe. And here at House of Formlab, we believe in aligning with that energy to create abundance. Each Zodiac sign has its own unique strengths and challenges with money, so let’s explore how you can use the cosmos, crystals, and the magick of Yagra incense to manifest your financial desires.

  1. Aries – The Bold Pioneer
    • Your Mantra: “Every step I take leads me to greater abundance.”
    • Your Ritual: Light a Yagra incense stick and swirl your citrine crystal in its smoke, embracing your mantra.
  2. Taurus – The Earthy Provider
    • Your Mantra: “Abundance flows freely for everyone, including me.”
    • Your Ritual: Repeat this mantra as you hold your calcite crystal in the Yagra incense smoke.
  3. Gemini – The Vibrant Communicator
    • Your Mantra: “Every day, good fortune flows my way.”
    • Your Ritual: Let your labradorite money talisman absorb the Yagra incense’s essence while you focus on your mantra.
  4. Cancer – The Heartfelt Nurturer
    • Your Mantra: “I am constantly surrounded by love and abundance.”
    • Your Ritual: Hold your aventurine crystal in the Yagra incense while repeating your mantra.
  5. Leo – The Radiant Performer
    • Your Mantra: “The right people and opportunities find me at the perfect time.”
    • Your Ritual: Infuse your tiger’s eye with Yagra incense as you affirm your mantra.
  6. Virgo – The Meticulous Analyzer
    • Your Mantra: “I confidently share my talents, knowing abundance is mine.”
    • Your Ritual: Let your jade absorb the Yagra incense as you focus on your mantra.
  7. Libra – The Graceful Harmonizer
    • Your Mantra: “Balance and abundance are my natural state.”
    • Your Ritual: Use your sunstone crystal and Yagra incense to empower your mantra.
  8. Scorpio – The Intense Transformer
    • Your Mantra: “Every day, I align more with my financial goals.”
    • Your Ritual: Hold citrine in the Yagra incense as you repeat your mantra.
  9. Sagittarius – The Fearless Adventurer
    • Your Mantra: “My actions today bring me closer to abundance.”
    • Your Ritual: Use your peridot or aventurine crystal and Yagra incense to manifest your mantra.
  10. Capricorn – The Ambitious Achiever
    • Your Mantra: “I effortlessly earn [your desired amount] each month.”
    • Your Ritual: Hold your pyrite in the Yagra incense while focusing on your mantra.
  11. Aquarius – The Innovative Visionary
    • Your Mantra: “I am a creative force, attracting abundance.”
    • Your Ritual: Choose a moon stone and hold it in the Yagra incense while you repeat your mantra.
  12. Pisces – The Intuitive Dreamer
    • Your Mantra: “I’m guided to prosperous opportunities.”
    • Your Ritual: Infuse your tigereye crystal with Yagra incense while focusing on your mantra.

Let the universe guide you to abundance, my dear. Use these mantras and rituals to tap into your Zodiac’s strengths, and watch as the doors to prosperity open for you. Remember, you’re a magical being, capable of manifesting your deepest desires. May the sound of prosperity be music to your ears!

And don’t forget, you can find all the crystals and magical supplies you need right here at House of Formlab. We’re your one-stop shop for embracing the cosmos and manifesting your dreams.

With cosmic love and magic, Madame Formtastica πŸ’«βœ¨

Product specifications:

– 8 sticks
– Pure natural herbal incense
– Recycled carton packaging

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