Isis Goddess Ring with Chrysophase // Tiger Frame


Birds and feathers carry stories, so time to wrap that bird around your little finger, literally

Solid silver and gold plated Isis ring with a precious Chrysophase stone by Tiger.

Isis: The feminine archetype for creation, the goddess of fertility and motherhood. She represents our feminine aspects – creation, rebirth, ascension, intuition, psychic abilities, higher chakras, higher frequency vibrations, love and compassion.

She is the Yin energy, the mother nurturer, the High Priestess, the essence of the feminine energy, which is part of us all. Isis was a magician. She learned her magic from Thoth, although according to some legends, she obtained her powers from Ra. In the book of the dead, Isis was described as “She who gave birth to heaven and earth, knows the orphan, knows the widow, seeks justice for the poor, and shelter for the weak.”

Tiger Frame Jewellery is a celebration of vivid imagery and vibrant colours inspired by Tiger’s recent travels.

Prefer silver? Find this bird ring in silver here.

Sterling silver & gold plated. Bird component 2.2cm wide (curved) by 1.5cm long. not including tassel. This ring comes in different sizes. Don’t know your size? Find out how to measure your size by clicking here.

– Small = 17 mm

– Medium = 18 mm

– Large = 19 mm




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Gold plate on sterling silver. Chrysoprase gem tassel.


Large, Medium, Small