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Black Tourmaline with Mica #3


The ultimate in protection.

This amazing specimen, of raw Black Tourmaline, has hundreds of silvery pink striations of Mica running through it, making it almost a magick wand!

The ultimate stone of protection, this powerful semi-precious gemstone rebounds negative energy (and people), wards you and your home from evil spirits, cleanses your aura and helps you unpick troubling thoughts.

Placed near electronics it will absorb electromagnetic radiation and provides cleansing and purifying effects in your space. It reduces anxiety and generates a protective field against negativity. Place strategically in the home or office for maximum impact.

Ideal as to adorn your home as self love gift or a gift to those friends in need of protection. This crystal comes with its own information scroll and care instructions.

House of Formlab Cabinet of Curious Crystals are hand picked with a focus on their energy when held and their aesthetic beauty.

Raw Black Tourmaline is delicate, small parts may flake, handle with care. Size h 4cm, d 5cm, w 13.5cm, weight 435g. Contains striation of silvery pink Mica.

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Dear Friend & Fellow Crystal Lover,

Thank you for discovering my cabinet of curious crystals. I choose each piece with care, love, and knowledge of these millennia-old marvels. History is trapped in these stones so I only pick a crystal if I feel it’s energy and look in awe at its beauty. If I love it, I know you will too.

Keep it safe, you are this precious crystal’s new guardian. It has survived massive tectonic pressure, chemical reactions and outlived the dinosaurs, your crystal’s journey is now in your hands. Be the keeper of its legacy.

With love, hugs and crystal blessings,

Madame Formtastica