The Calm & Balance Crystal Magick Kit


A balm for your soul.

We have curated this soothing set of crystals to create calm and balance in your life.

Each pocket stone crystal has been hand-picked by us, no bulk buy stones here, for their beauty and energy. Keep them with you to promote deep inner healing and calm and to find balance in your body and soul, as well as in your work, family life, and relationships.

Moonstone:  The divine feminine held within this ethereal stone will calm your nerves and ease your fears. Your body is deeply connected to the cycles of the moon just like the tides of the sea. Moonstones channels this solar and ocean energy to calm your hormones and balance your mind giving you a deep sense of peace. Gaze at the moonlight with this stone to feel cleansed, renewed and ready for challenges ahead.

Pink Opal: Often called the ‘Stone of Hope’ or “Angel Stone” Pink Opal holds the power to recenter your emotional balance and transport you to a positive state of being. Its soothing properties are a balm for sensitive nerves, reducing stress and dispelling nightmares. It can revitalize love and bring forward your full potential. Carry this rare crystal with you in a pocket to feel its tranquil and positive water energy surround you.

Rose Quartz: A soft feminine energy representing tenderness, nourishment, compassion, comfort, tenderness, and peace. It speaks directly to your heart helping dissolve fears and resentments, reawakening you to a deep sense of contentment, opening you up to love, and be loved unconditionally. Used as a love token since 600 B.C. it draws in new love, reaffirms existing relationships and tightens family bonds.

Your Crystal Magick Kit Contains:
Pink Opal
Rose Quartz
Crystal Information & Instructions on pressed Japanese paper
Crystal Charging Card
Soft muslin pouch for your crystal

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