Crystal Magick Candle // The Piña Colada // Limited Edition


Release your inner wild child and celebrate all things sundrenched and tropical with our frivolous new limited edition candle.

For those who like a cheeky cocktail, we have the most perfectly Crystal’ish glass pineapple candle to tropify your home. Create a beachfront bar vibe with this tropical Piña Colada scented candle and get yourself party-ready.

A large baked Citrine point adorns your candle in bright orange homage to the silliness of the season. Heat-treated Citrine has lighter energy than natural Citrine, it’s like the crazy cousin of the family. It is used to enhance prosperity and wealth but has a tendency to do what it likes. Anticipate good fortune in ways you could not imagine and enjoy the ride of this fiery orange energy, its the wild child of crystals.

We generally only use natural crystals in our Cabinet of Curious Crystals but we couldn’t help ourselves. This Citrine is actually Amethyst (purple) which has been heat-treated to form Citrine (orange), you can tell it has been baked due to the bright orange colour (natural Citrine is a more pale yellow colour). Both Citrine and Amethyst have the same chemical formula!

Every Piña Colada candle has intentions set upon it to bless your fantastical parties and a pirate’s good fortune!

This candle contains a high-grade fragrance and soy wax from 100% from sustainable sources. Each candle contains a completely unique crystal and ritual scroll.

If you would like me to personally set some special summer vibe intentions on the candle, please email after you place your order.


Magick Candle Ingredients:

  • A large baked Citrine point
  • Piña Colada Fragrance Oil
  • 220ml Eco Soy Wax
  • Woven Cotton Wick
  • Pineapple shaped Crystal Candle Jar, height 16 cm, width 10.5 cm

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For the first burn make sure that you keep the flame alight for about one hour to allow the wax to melt right to the edge of the glass jar. This should avoid the wax from tunnelling.

Candles are a fire hazard, obviously. Place on a heat resistant surface in a safe location away from fabric furnishings and where they can’t be knocked over. Keep the space ventilated and the candle out of the reach of children.