Crystal Shower Steamers // Breathe Deep


These Crystal-infused Shower Steamers will help you breathe deep.

My Alchemist’s been experimenting again but this time it’s not a quest for gold, but a cure. A mystic relief for winter colds, blocked sinus and respiratory annoyances. A cunning blend of Menthol, Rosemary and Eucalyptus will swirl and plume in your shower. My Alchemist used Menthol for a localized anesthetic to ease sore noses and soothe irritated throats, Rosemary for its antiviral and germ busting antibacterial properties and, Eucalyptus as a powerful decongestant for stuffy noses.

This hand mixed potion is water activated so that the essential oils are released into your shower steam as you bathe. Their aromatherapy properties are absorbed into the body through the respiratory system. The all natural, secret blend, is infused with Quartz Crystal powered water to bless your home and charge your energy.

Each set of 8 steamers comes with a carefully curated Aventurine Crystal, a stone to help with sinus problems and lung function.

Place one shower steamer about a foot length away from the direct stream of water in the shower and let it sizzle! Each set comes with a beautifully crafted instruction scroll with information about the ritual, the alchemy, and the crystals.

The perfect gift for yourself! Or a friend in need.


  • 8 Shower Steamers 
  • 1 Aventurine Crystal 
  • Printed instructions, rolled into a scroll 
  • Comes in a gift box

Handmade items will be made to order. Please allow for an additional 3-4 days for these items to be sent.


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