Crystal Shower Steamers // Limited Christmas Edition


Need a little pre-Christmas pick me up?

My gifted HOF Alchemist has created a limited edition crystal infused shower steamer to transport you into a fizzy, fanciful, spice filled Christmas wonderland.

The Blend

Celebrate the alignment of the Winter Solstice and the Norse Yule with a cozy winter’s mist in your shower. My hand mixed potion of Cinnamon, Blood Orange, Lemon scents and botanicals are water activated so that they release their essential oils into your shower steam as you bathe. Their aromatherapy healing properties are absorbed into the body through the respiratory system for an intensely relaxing experience.

The Crystal

Our all natural, secret blend, is infused with Quartz Crystal powered water to bless your home and charge your energy. Each set of 3 steamers comes with a carefully curated Carnelian Crystal from Madagascar to keep your energy levels tip-top as you navigate perilous Christmas parties and dastardly Christmas shoppers. Carnelian is also the stone of creativity, ideal for helping you feel inspired while decorating your home or shopping for that unique gift. Keep this crystal close in a pocket or bag for daily festive survival.

Place one shower steamer about a foot length away from the direct stream of water in the shower and let it sizzle! Each set comes with a beautifully crafted scroll with information about the ritual, the alchemy, and the crystal.

The perfect gift for yourself or a friend in need!


  • 3 Christmas Shower Steamers 
  • 1 Carnelian Crystal 
  • Printed instructions, rolled into a scroll 

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