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Crystal Shower Steamers // Slumber


HOF “Slumber” Crystal Shower Steamers

Sleep is one of the most important self care moments you can have, boosting your immune system and rebooting your mind. Tasked with creating the perfect nightly potion our alchemist has mixed a potent blend of fizzly, sizzly shower steamers to puff out a sleepy mists of Lavender and Juniper essential oils to calm frayed nerves and rebalance the mind for a blissful slumber.

For over 2500 years Lavender has been used for medicinal purposes, more recently it has been proven in brain wave studies to produce “slow-wave” sleep, gently reducing your heart rate, relaxing tense muscles. Juniper was used in Medieval times to ward off evil witches however, today its oils are used to fight free radicals, boost your immune system and most importantly relax the brain, reduce anxiety and stress to help you drift away into a calm, worry-free sleep.

This hand mixed potion is water activated so that the essential oils are released into your shower steam as you bathe. Their aromatherapy sleep aid properties are absorbed into the body through the respiratory system for a gently blissful and calming experience.

The all natural, secret blend, is infused with Quartz Crystal powered water to bless your home and charge your energy. Each set of steamers comes with a moon energy infused Amethyst Crystal, a stone to help release worries and calm your mind for a peaceful protected sleep.

Place one shower steamer about a foot length away from the direct stream of water in the shower and let it sizzle! Each set comes with a beautifully crafted instruction scroll with information about the ritual, the alchemy, and the crystals.

The perfect gift for a friend in need or an ideal self-care ritual!

8 Slumber Shower Steamers 
1 Amethyst Crystal (in a pouch)
Printed instructions, rolled into a scroll and tied with a black ribbon. Nicely packed in a giftbox.


Handmade items will be made to order. Please allow for an additional 3-4 days for these items to be sent.

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