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Dottie Color // Skull


Give your next door neighbor’s kid a fright, ponder the meaning of life, or simply adorn your boudoir with this hand-painted skull from Bali.

Unique piece, handcrafted and comes in a gorgeous gift box with black ribbons. Height: Appr. 20 cm.

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SKULL, is everything Skull for all your Skull needs.

Feathers, bones, crystals, and stones are all types ritual goods. Skulls and bones have an appeal to witches who perform spirit work and are a necessary and simple way to connect with spirits of the deceased and of animals. Working with bones is not just for necromancers and black magicians. Practitioners who work with bones are a wide range of healers, diviners, shapeshifters, rootworkers, witches, shamans, druids, and pagans.

This also goes for Hinduism and Buddhism. Known for their deep thoughts about life and death, these two religions have used skulls extensively in artwork and depictions of deities.

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Dimensions 20 × 14 × 14 cm