Egyptian Fan Ring // Tiger Frame


Egyptian inspired fan ring. This ring band is sterling silver and fan is plated with resin inlay. Wear this ring in a long tradition of  the most mysterious and powerful women in Egyptian history.

Sterling Silver

Adjustable (one size fits all)

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The Tiger Frame brand is a beautiful combination of instinctual design and careful artistry. A spontaneous sketch transformed into eye-catching jewellery to treasure forever. Komala’s signature work is inspired by mysterious creatures. The tiger and the horse – and sparkling femininity – the stars at night and the sun as she rises. Tiger Frame invites every woman to travel further and come back stronger, to walk tall with a glint in her eye and the wind in her hair. Modern nomad, stylish eccentric, beautiful dreamer. Like the fleeting glimpse of a Tiger in the wild, these pieces are strong yet delicate, timeless and stunning.

collage of tiger frame jewellerythis is the designer komala of tigerframe

Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 6 × 0.2 cm

Ring – Gold plate on sterling silver. Fan is plated bronze with resin inlay.


Each half of fan is 2.7cm wide by 1.8cm high.