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Gold Leaf Buddhist Bracelet (set of 2)


These spiritual bracelets are made from a tube that is filled with gold leaf. In many cultures, a golden ring is a token off endless love and unity. The Goldleaf bracelets find their origin with Asian monks, they are blessed in the temple and closed with a mantra. Except for the fact that the mantra bracelets look beautiful, are waterproof and light they also have a powerful symbolic value. They find their origin in Asian temples where the mantras are blessed by the Buddhist monks, a golden ring (bracelet) symbolizes endless love and unity. This is also the reason why these bracelets are being used as a gift to loved ones and friends.

The perfect gift for all your loved ones, man, woman or child. We like people to connect and share the love and unity that they feel for each other. This connection is made visible by sharing and wearing the genuine mantra bracelets.

Price is for a set of 2 bracelets.
Available in S/M = 18 cm 

Ideally, put them under hot running water to create more flexibility before you put them on. 

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