Golden Healer Quartz Spheres


Heal your body, mind and soul with these serenely beautiful golden healer spheres.

Each stone has beautiful striations of golden healing power running through its core. The combination of elements make it strong master healer, and carved into perfect spheres, making them ideal for healing and empowering meditation rituals.

A deeply healing form of quartz contains Iron Oxide and/or Rutile elements, which have been deposited in thin vissures giving the crystal its distinct golden hue.

Golden Healers are very versatile crystals, being used to heal the body, mind and personal situation. It is a high vibration crystal, reaching down to the cellular level releasing blockages in your body and in your life. By encouraging harmony in your world it will help you look at things with a higher perspective.

X Large. Average weight 1.4Kg g, width 9cm
Large. Average weight 410 – 600g, width 7cm
Medium. 250 – 400g, width 6cm
Small. Average weight 170-250g, width 5cm

Ideal for crystal healing practitioners, or those in need of a healing meditation stone. A perfect self-care gift to yourself. Each crystal comes with its own information scroll and care instructions.

House of Formlab Cabinet of Curious Crystals are hand-picked with a focus on their energy when held and their aesthetic beauty. Each crystal comes with its own information scroll and care instructions.



Dear Friend & Fellow Crystal Lover,

Thank you for discovering my cabinet of curious crystals. I choose each piece with care, love, and knowledge of these millennia-old marvels. History is trapped in these stones so I only pick a crystal if I feel it’s energy and look in awe at its beauty. If I love it, I know you will too.

Keep it safe, you are this precious crystal’s new guardian. It has survived massive tectonic pressure, chemical reactions and outlived the dinosaurs, your crystal’s journey is now in your hands. Be the keeper of its legacy.

With love and crystal infused blessings,

Madame Formtastica

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X-Large, Large, Medium, Small