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Grey Blue Fluorite Cubic Cluster with Dog Tooth Calcite


Elegance in grey

What a find! Fluorite is one of my all-time favourite crystals and we were so happy to get our sticky fingers on this rare Grey Blue Fluorite Cluster. It has a fabulously defined Cubic Structure and has micro Dog Tooth Calcite around the sides and base. It’s very unusual to find such a large piece of Grey Fluorite so it needs to be placed under good lighting so that you can admire it’s almost cityscape cubic formations.

Fluorite is a deeply magical stone that glows fluorescent in ultraviolet light, it can have beautiful natural rainbow colours of green, blue, purple, pink, orange and white. This blended jewels structure helps you to heal and to balance on a number of levels, perfect if you are feeling lethargic and in need of a boost or if you need some order in the chaos.

You can use Fluorite to stop distractions, clear the mental fog, reduce frustrations and de-stress the mind. Fluorite will open you up to new ideas by sweeping away any toxic thoughts you may be carrying around. Its power is amplified by water so it is an ideal stone to bathe with for releasing tension and worries. Rejuvenate your aura and feel refreshed.

This cracking specimen was mined in China, weighing just over 3.2 Kg, 17cm long, 14cm wide, and about 9cm high. 

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Weight 3.2 kg