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Holy Smokes Inka Pinka // Moon Minded Medicine


Holy Smokes smudging sticks.

Holy Smokes connect the breath and the plant world through sacred herbal medicine. Used as a smudging stick or smoke. These ceremonial blends are meant to burn in a ritual.


+ for sending prayers on the wind

+ sacred smudge sticks

+ to wean off smoking tobacco

+ aroma therapy 

+ sip it as a tea.


Inka Pinka is smooth blend that tends to the heart & mind while uplifting the spirit. All organic herbs, the Incayuyo is wildcrafted in Argentina.

This pack contains 17 smokes. Hand made in California.

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Moon Minded Medicine
is enchanted by the connection between
plants + people
hearts +minds
earth + moon
all products are crafted with love under the light of the moon in Cali.

MMM was created by herbalist, Siena Perez del Campo & her partner & creative entrepreneur, Gabriel Vicente. Driven by her lifelong love of plants & people & the stories that connect them, Siena founded this small herbal product business with the hope that her products would do just that. She is a graduate of the Roots of Herbalism program with her studies highlighting Herbal Therapeutics, Medicine Making, & Growing Plant Medicine.

Gabriel spent many years as a freelance app developer in southern California. Last year he spent 3 months in Washington state learning pre-industrial woodworking. He is a problem-solver at heart with a knack for artisan bread-baking.

Both Siena & Gabriel were raised in Santa Barbara, CA, with roots in Argentina.