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Lucky Bracelet with Citrine // Tiger Frame


A good luck charm for you to wear, bringing you prosperity and good fortune.

This olive green string crystal bracelet by Tiger will help you to bring wealth and good fortune into your life. Wear it or gift it, to draw in good fortune with money. Your new little lucky money charm.

Crystal Magick:
Citrine // Wealth, Abundance, and Good Luck
Prized since 300 B.C Citrine manifests wealth and abundance helping its owner secure financial success. Used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to adorn precious jewelry it was given the moniker, ‘The Merchant’s Stone’ or ‘The Success Stone’.

Carry it close to multiply your energy, stimulate creativity and draw in abundance.

– Base: 925 Sterling Silver

– Gold Plated

– Nickel Free

– Citrine

Tiger Frame Jewellery is a celebration of vivid imagery and vibrant colours inspired by Tiger’s recent travels.

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