Medicine Powder Incense


Make an offering to the Supreme Healer Medicine Buddha to invoke his blessings of healing and purification for the body, mind and spirit.

Medicine Buddha Incense Powder has been carefully hand-made to meet the highest standards of quality, following a strict formula found in an ancient traditional text from a variety of medicinal herbs, oils, resins and spices from the Himalayan mountains. Prepared under the supervision of the eminent healing lama, H.E. Gangchen Rinpoche, Medicine Buddha Incense Powder releases a spicy herbal aroma when burnt. It is a particularly suitable

This 100% herbal incense is excellent for cleansing and purifying the environment of unwanted energies and to aid relaxation and stress-relief. It is also used during spiritual ceremonies and meditation sessions to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

You may offer incense to purify what has been offered on your altar on a daily base.

Product specifications
100% Natural ingredients
No animal or chemical ingredients, non-toxic
100 grams

Join me in the ritual burning of holy herbs. On your merry healing way!



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