Naga Powder Incense


Keep your Naga friends close.

My Naga Incense has been blessed by the Dharma protector of Kechara during trance in the Nepal monastery. As trances are a very rare occasion even in the monasteries, so are the items blessed by the Protector. This Incense powder is handmade from carefully harvested medicinal herbs, oils, resins, and spices gathered from the Himalayas. Promotes healing of mind and body.

The offering of the Riwo Sang Chod aromatic fragrances will delight the Nagas.
Nagas are supernatural beings that are usually depicted in the form of a serpent or dragon. Sometimes they are half human, half snake. Nagas can be both good and malicious. A naga gets angry easily. In order to keep them afriend, the ritual of making incense offerings to them is known in both Buddhism and Hinduism. Naga’s who are your friend act as guard and protector.

Product specifications
100% Natural ingredients
No animal or chemical ingredients, non-toxic
100 grams

Join me in the ritual burning of holy herbs. On your merry healing way!



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