Native Soul Incense Smudge Sticks


Cast out spirits and create the perfect sacred space for meditation

Our Native Soul Incense Smudge Sticks are hand-rolled and capture the spirit of the centuries-old Native American tradition of smoke cleansing ceremonies.

You can choose from 3 ceremonial incense options:
– White Sage & Palo Santo
– Palo Santo & Copal
– White Sage & Cedar



White Sage
A plant from the mint family, White Sage has been used for centuries by the Native Americans for their purification ceremonies and healing sessions. It is believed that burning its dry leaves, cleanses a space, person or object of all evil spirits or negative energies.

Palo Santo
“Holy Wood” in Spanish, Palo Santo is a wild tree which has been used for thousands of years by Shamans to heal the body and would as well as to add positive energy into a space. It has a citrus aroma which helps to calm the mind.

A ceremonial resin once considered as sacred by Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico and Central America. It has a pine aroma and helps to enhance concentration and bring peace and harmony.

An aromatic and resinous tree, it has many medicinal properties. Its smoke is said to attract good spirits and eliminate negative energies. It emanates a sweet herbaceous scent which helps to protect, purify and draw positive vibes.

Product specifications:

– Eco-friendly product
– Pack contains 15g of incense
– One stick burns for approximately 15-20 minutes.
– Handmade, environment-friendly.
– No toxic ingredients, no child labour or animal by-products.
– Beautifully packaged, contains small feather for directing smoke.

How to Smudge & Smoke Cleanse

If you would like to learn more about how to perform your own Smudging and Smoke Cleansing Rituals you can visit our blog which also contains a free downloadable guide.
>> Step-by-Step Guide to Smoke Cleansing Blog
>> Download Full Guide

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Palo Santo & Copal, White Sage & Cedar, White Sage & Palo Santo