Nepal Singing Bowl Set


Bring some sound bathing into your rituals.

This beautifully crafted Singing Bowl will help you reach higher realms in your meditation and help calm an overstressed mind. Traditionally they are made from 5 metals including Bronze, Copper, Tin, and Zinc. This bowl was handcrafted in Nepal.

If you feel ready to learn a new technique you can not only ding the bowl but also make it sing by running the wooden sound stick slowly around its outside lip. Add water to the bowl for a bewitching water dance – that takes practice though! Just make sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards.

Kit includes:
Singing Bowl (11cm)
Wooden Sound Stick
Small pillow for the bowl to sit on
Pink Display Box

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The ritual of sound

Using sound to call the spirits, calm the mind and enliven the soul is an ancient practice. We use sound today to help us meditate, enter a higher state, soothe our bodies and of course dance the night away.

Sound can heal on a cellular level (and there are currently studies investigating this). That’s also why cat’s purr, to help them heal. So dong that bell and get into the zone for some meditative wellness.

Madame Formtastica