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Ocean Jasper Freeform Sculpture


A metaphysical tranquil sea

Our beautiful, and rather large Ocean Jasper Freeform Sculpture has a myriad of crystal wonders going on inside its depths. It contains the classic Ocean Jasper green Jasper with small golden-brown orbs, a Clear Quartz matrix, banded white chalcedony (Agate), and an enormous druzy (microcrystal) pocket. This is a proper statement piece.

Metaphysically speaking Ocean Jasper puts you on the shore of a tranquil sea. You feel nurtured as if your life is in calm waters. It encourages you to feel emboldened to tackle new challenges from your new-found position of peace. Connected to the heart chakra, it fills you with wave after wave of rhythmic healing vibrations.

If you are feeling burnt out, this is the crystal equivalent of forest bathing, restoring and healing the soul. While it is known as Jasper, it is now thought to be a form of banded and radial growth Chalcedony. Ocean Jasper is only found in Northwestern Madagascar.

Our Ocean Jasper Freeform Sculpture weighs just over 3.3Kg and is 21cm tall. More photos are available upon request.

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