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The Weaver Ascendant is a 78 card tarot deck, booklet included. It is matte black with holographic foil illustrations. The holographic foil brings movement to the cards – the background being holographic adds layers to each card, making them look different at every angle. The holographic is picked up on video or in person, not photographs.

The deck is gender-neutral, therefore we have renamed some of the cards:
Kings = Rulers
Queens = Sovereigns
Knights = Conquerors
Pages = Seekers

For any card we have made to be gender-neutral, you will also be able to find the traditional Rider-Waite name in the booklet’s card description.

78 cards
Booklet included
12cm x 9,5cm card size
400 gsm cardstock
Matte lamination
Top-bottom box
Soft holographic background with colourful illustrations
Gold foil illustrations
Matte gold edging

We at HOF choose to support independent artists and businesses as an act of respect. It’s acknowledging the tremendous risk and challenges inherent in starting your own thing. One love.

>> Note: this is a pre-order. We anticipate receiving the decks in the first week of June and will ship upon receipt. If you order other items along with this deck, note that they will all ship together when everything is in stock. If you would like your in-stock items shipping sooner, please separate your orders. >>

About the makers:

Blaire Porter and Brit June are two soul sisters that were brought together by divine intervention to birth the Thread of Fate Oracle Deck. Their first deck was featured on Kickstarter and successfully funded within the first couple of days.

Most people that know Brit will describe her as someone who has a knack for everything. Art? Duh. Food? Duh Unprecedented ability to turn shitty ingredients into an amazing meal. Embroidery? Mastered it on her first try.

In her adult life, Blaire has dabbled in a bit of everything: bartending, coaching, teaching, non-profit development, research, real estate and retail. Nothing felt right until she launched her own business to support others in their personal development. Combining spirituality, psychology and body-work, her biggest passion is in guiding others through their rebirths.

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Tarot is having a moment. And with more artists than ever bringing forth new versions of the classic Tarot, it’s never been easier to unleash your inner reader and find a deck that sings to you! Whether you’re a witchy mama looking for something a little more macabre, or a Kundalini goddess in search of some high vibes, there is a deck out there with your name on it.

We at HOF make it our mission to curate the most simplistic yet rich, odd but captivating, and 100% far-out awesomeness decks out there.

With love & blessings,

Madame Formtastica

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