Ritual Prayer Incense


Mme Formtastica’s Ritual Prayer Incense. Creates a spiritual realm for you and your home or sacred space.  Creates and hold space for deep recollection, intense prayers and call in the powers of the divine feminine.

Ritual Resin Incense consists of a blend of resins, herbs, roots and woods, perfect for use during spell work. Burn this incense before and during prayer to prepare you and your sacred space to access the higher realms. The blend is also a wonderful tool to aid in preparing spells and invite your guides.

“Mother of the Light, may you reign as a Goddess of Wisdom within my soul.”

Olibanum gum (Boswellia Papyrifera)
Myrrh gum (Commiphora Myrrha)
Benjoin gum (Styrax  Benzoin)
Copal gum (Agathis Dammara)

30 grams in a tin with a glass lid.

Please note: this is incense resin to be used in charcoal burners.

How to burn  incense on a charcoal disc:

  • Fill a heat proof incense bowl or censer with something like sand or split. This will provide some much-needed insulation for your burner. Charcoal can burn at a high temp.
  • Form a cone shape with whatever medium you filled your burner and place the charcoal tablet at the peak. This will allow air to flow around the charcoal.
  • Place a charcoal tablet on the sand and light the edge. If it’s self-igniting charcoal you will see tiny sparks as you light it and it will ignite quickly so never hold it in your hand! If you need to hold the charcoal over an open flame to ignite it, use tweezers or tongs to hold it.
  • Place your charcoal in your burner with the hollow facing up. Use the “bowl” to hold your incense ingredients.
  • Wait until the charcoal is glowing red hot and is covered with greyish-white ash.
  • When ready sprinkle a pinch or two of incense (e.g. resin, dried herbs, etc.) directly on top of the hot charcoal. The incense will begin to smoulder. Be careful not to place too much incense on the charcoal or you may smother it and you’ll have to start over.
  • When the smoke begins to thin out, add more incense. The charcoal will stay hot enough to burn incense for about 45 minutes to an hour.

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The ritual burning of holy herbs.

The burning of herbs has been a common method of purification in many cultures and religions. From the rich Frankincense of the Church and the Middle Eastern Bazaar, to the incenses of Asia and the raw energy of brush burning in many native cultures; the purification of space through this modality has been utilized throughout the ages This practice is known as “Smudging” and its popularity has made a return as more and more look for natural homeopathic solutions to healthful living.

Smudging is a form of energy cleansing where plant medicines are burned to purify the air and restore the vitality of any space. As the smoke carries, it transforms unfavourable vibrations in your environment into fresh and clear energy; enhancing your optimism.

Madame Formtastica