Septarian / Dragon Stone Hearts


For purveyors of the unusual, the collectors of interesting things, these hearts of calcite crystals encased in fossilized clay will pique your interest.

These are such interesting pieces, each with its own unique patternation. Septarian or Dragonstone (as it’s sometimes known) formed over 50 million years ago when minerals gathered in pockets and seeped through cracks in ancient lake beds and eventually developed into nodules with yellow calcite crystals (they can also be black) in the center and fossilized clay deposits on the exterior. The lighter gray cobblestone patterns on the outside are a form of fossilized Limestone clay, each ringed with dark brown Aragonite formations.

A strong healing stone which can be used in large group healings, it’s that powerful. Often used by Shamans for journey work and grounding sacred spaces it is packed full of ancient and universal wisdom, just ready to be tapped into. Sometimes referred to as the Cloak of Invisibility, to hide you from view and dissipate others interest in you should you wish it.

Average weight 60g. Ideal for the avid crystal collector. Each crystal comes with its own information scroll and care instructions.

House of Formlab Cabinet of Curious Crystals are hand-picked with a focus on their energy when held and their aesthetic beauty.

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Dear Friend & Fellow Crystal Lover,

Thank you for discovering my cabinet of curious crystals. I choose each piece with care, love, and knowledge of these millennia-old marvels. History is trapped in these stones so I only pick a crystal if I feel it’s energy and look in awe at its beauty. If I love it, I know you will too.

Keep it safe, you are this precious crystal’s new guardian. It has survived massive tectonic pressure, chemical reactions and outlived the dinosaurs, your crystal’s journey is now in your hands. Be the keeper of its legacy.

With love, hugs and crystal blessings,

Madame Formtastica