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Soul Star Scepter hand-carved from Divine Quartz


Your Magickal Companion

Introducing my Starroot Scepter, a true masterpiece for any witch’s collection. Hand-carved from ethically sourced Brazilian Clear Quartz it’s designed by Mme Formtastica for witches who appreciate both her beauty and power.

Clear Quartz not only enhances your magickal workings but also serves as a stunning centerpiece in your sacred space. Whether you’re casting a circle, meditating, or engaging in complex rituals, the Soul Star Sceptre is your go-to tool for amplifying energy and intentions. It will elevate your craft by making your spells stronger and more focused.

Your Soul Star Scepter hand-carved from Divine Quartz’s like a magick booster, helping you to channel your energy better and making your rituals more powerful. This piece is hand-carved and blessed. Size: 12-15 cm tall. Weight: 200gr.


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Scepters—think of them as the VIPs in your magickal tool belt! Now, these aren’t just glitzy sticks; they’re the virtuoso conductors for your spiritual energies, setting the rhythm for your rituals and spells. And the best part? You don’t have to be a witchy A-lister to rock one. Whether you’re summoning deities or crafting an Instagram-perfect sacred circle, a sceptre is your magickal multitool.

Now, traditionally, these fancy sticks are all about authority and power. Think of them as the divine conductor’s baton in your spiritual symphony, orchestrating the flow of energies around you. But don’t be fooled; they’re not just for the high and mighty. A scepter can be your go-to for everything from invoking deities to casting the most Instagrammable circle ever. It’s basically the Swiss Army knife of magickal tools—elegant yet super useful.

Material-wise, choices abound! You can have scepters made from crystal, wood, or even a blend of materials. Each adds its own little riff to your magickal melody. For instance, a quartz scepter would amplify your intent like turning the volume up to eleven. A wooden one, on the other hand, would root you down, making you the Mick Jagger of earth energies.

Sustainability. Choosing a sceptre that’s sustainably sourced isn’t just ethical; it amplifies your magick with the power of conscious choice. When you respect the Earth in your magickal practices, you’re weaving a tapestry of harmony and balance that echoes through the cosmos. So it’s not just a win for you; it’s a win for Mother Earth too. Because, let’s be real, loving our planet is the ultimate high-vibe action, and it makes your magickal tool even more potent.

Madame Formtastica

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