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The Akamara Tarot Deck


This deck is a homage to the spiritualities that make up the African Diaspora; from Nigeria to Cuba, the Carribean (West indies) to Haiti and African America to the Aboriginal Culture.

A deck we could see ourselves in, from your Iyalawos to my Wintis. the Santeras, Sufis, Mambos, to the Voudouissants,  Hoodoos any and everyone in between.

A Tarot Deck venerating the various spiritual practices throughout the African Diaspora on rose-petal finish black cards with gold foil and silver ink. For use in re-establishing a path of communication between you and your ancestors, to answer the tough questions with the voice of a loving but honest elder.

Comes with:  78 Card Deck //  Keep Box // Message guide book

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