The Intuition Workshop // Kristine Fredheim

80.00 2 hours

Time to explore your intuition.

Intuition is a superpower we all possess. It’s that little whisper of the soul; a subtle, deep knowing without conscious reasoning. Connecting with this divine power is incredibly beneficial to your well-being.

The Intuition Workshop led by renowned psychic medium and Soul Cards Tarot founder Kristine Fredheim, this workshop at House of Formlab is for those seeking to build stronger trust with their higher selves.

Topics for the session include:

  • Intuition 101: What it is, how it feels, and why it’s valuable.
  • Ethics and boundaries: The importance of consent when reading others.
  • Grounding: Connecting with nature to strengthen your intuition.
  • Mental health: How trauma can elevate intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Rituals: Tips to practice intuition, such as breathwork, stillness and journaling.
  • Intention setting: Inviting and supporting intuitive energy.

What you will need:

  • Notebook & pen
  • We will provide you with a yoga cushion but if you wish to bring your own yoga mat (and cushion) you may do so.

Price: €80

Friday 18th March 19.00-21.00hrs
Saturday 19th March 19.00-21.00hrs


House of Formlab
Commelinstraat 250A
1093 VD Amsterdam

How to reserve your spot:

  • Use the booking form on this page to choose the date and time slot you would like.
  • Be sure to add how many people will be in your group. There are 15 spaces available per workshop. Click “Book Now” and then follow the steps to confirm your reservation.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation with your date, time and number of people. If you don’t receive your confirmation within 1 hour please check your Junk/Spam box.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the workshop so that you can prepare yourself, stow your coats and bags etc
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Cancellation Policy: You can cancel your reservation with a full refund up to 24 hours prior to the Workshop. We can then free up your place for another soul on their spiritual journey. Please contact us via

Covid Rules: Please do not attend the Workshop if you have any symptoms or have tested positive for Covid 19.