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Postcards From The Liminal Space Oracle


From one of my favorite shops, Everday Magic, comes this intriguing oracle deck.

The word liminal comes from the Latin word ‘limen’, meaning threshold – any point or place of entering or beginning. A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ It is a place of transition, a season of waiting, and not knowing.

Liminal space is where all transformation takes place if we learn to wait and let it form us. These oracle cards help you to stay, hold fast and keep faith. No matter how difficult life can become or how impossible it feels, you are not being led astray by your diasporic soul.


  • 7 cm x 12cm
  • 310gsm cardstock with linen finish
  •  77 cards and 30-page guidebook

Made with love from start to finish in the USA.


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About the maker:

Bakara Wintner is an established Tarot reader and healer, author of WTF is Tarot? …and How Do I Do It?, and owner of Durham-based brand Everyday Magic.

A solid believer in the art of cartomancy, she also co-created The Wayhome Tarot Deck.

May we all find our wayhome.


Tarot is having a moment. And with more artists than ever bringing forth new versions of the classic Tarot, it’s never been easier to unleash your inner reader and find a deck that sings to you! Whether you’re a witchy mama looking for something a little more macabre, or a Kundalini goddess in search of some high vibes, there is a deck out there with your name on it.

We at HOF make it our mission to curate the most simplistic yet rich, odd but captivating, and 100% far-out awesomeness indie decks out there.

With love & blessings,

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