The Love Spell


Coiseur’s of love, purveyors of happiness, for those willing to dabble in the mystic arts, this unique love spell is for you. If you are seeking a new lover or desiring to enhance a current relationship then cast this bewitching spell to channel loving vibrations into your world.

My love spell includes Palo Santo to cleanse the space before casting, detailed instructions, crafted spell circle, a ritual Wild Rose, Clove and Hematite aromatherapy candle, and handwritten mantra scroll. Two of the most powerful crystals for bringing you luck in love, Rhodochrosite, and Rose Quartz, are included along with their own hand-painted Charging Station Cards with crystal descriptions to ensure the ongoing power of the spell.

Every spell kit is hand-made on order by Mme Formtastica and will be personally blessed, the intentions of true love, happiness, peace, and courage have been set upon the crystals.

The perfect gift for yourself! Or a friend in need.


  • 1 spell candle
  • 1 spell scroll
  • 1 instruction scroll
  • 1 mantra
  • 1 Rhodochrosite in a pouch
  • 1 Rose Quartz in a pouch
  • 1 Rhodochrosite Charging card
  • 1 Rose Quartz Charging card
  • Palo Santo cleansing stick
  • A sprinkling of rose petals
  • A touch of Magick

If you would like me to personally set your specific intentions on this spell, please email me after you placed your order.

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