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The Love Stones Crystal Magick Kit


Entice a bit of love into your life. We have curated this little set of crystals to help channel deep and lasting love into your life.

Whether you are looking for new love, to enhance an existing relationship, heal from old love, or receive clarity around heart-related matters, these precious stones will help you find what you need.

Each pocket stone crystal has been hand-picked by us, no bulk buy stones here, for their beauty and energy. Keep them with you and feel their gentle vibrations draw the right energy you need to achieve your love related goals.

Rhodochrosite: Millenia old it speaks directly to your inner child. A wise old spirit guide allaying fear and opening your heart to deeper emotional connections. It helps you dispels toxic emotional baggage such as anger and jealousy so you can find the courage to trust again. Allow old wounds to melt away, forgive the past and rid yourself of negative energy keeping you from the love you deserve. You are worthy.

Rose Quartz: Soft feminine energy representing tenderness, nourishment, compassion, comfort, tenderness, and peace. It speaks directly to your heart helping dissolve fears and resentments, reawakening you to a deep sense of contentment, opening you up to love, and be loved unconditionally. Used as a love token since 600 B.C. it draws in new love, reaffirms existing relationships and tightens family bonds.

Each crystal kit comes with its own muslin pouch, hand-painted charging card, information on pressed Japanese paper and care instructions. House of Formlab Cabinet of Curious Crystals are hand-picked with a focus on their energy when held and their aesthetic beauty.

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