The Threads of Fate Oracle Cards


Threads of Fate Oracle Cards by Birt Murphy and Blair Porter is finally in!

Blaire Porter and Brit Murphy are two soul sisters that were brought together by divine intervention to birth the Thread of Fate Oracle Deck. The deck was featured on Kickstarter and successfully funded within the first couple of days.

I fell in love with the design, golden foil detailing and velvety feel. The Box features the deck and a detailed book featuring all cards (120 pages).

But this is more than just an esthetically pleasing Oracle Card deck. While you will pull the cards that you need at any given moment, you will feel the deep spiritual connection to the matter at hand. This deck can be used daily. It’s created for you to find detailed messages within both the imagery and content.

Each card contains thoughtful multi-layered messages that allow you to view many facets of the same concept. The elemental cards (32 total) contain an overall message, as well as a message associated with an herb, crystal and animal ally.

The throne cards are larger concepts and archetypes – while these won’t have the same structure as the elementals, they will also be dynamic in the content. In addition to that, in the book you will find practical advice, exercises and journaling prompts.

The Cards
4.75” x 3.25”
400 GSM Cardstock
Gold Foil art on both sides on top of vibrant artwork
Velvet Matte Lamination
Gold edging

The Box
6” x 6”
Matte Lamination with Gold Foil
Top + Bottom Box
Velvet tray to hold the cards

The Booklet
Square, fitting perfectly in the box on top of the tray
120 pages
Gold Foil artwork on the front

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