The Wild Unknown Zodiac Cards


These make the best birthday cards ever. Get organized and keep these on standby for special birthdays. Use them on your altar to celebrate each month of the zodiac year, or frame them for your wall!

Designed and illustrated by Kim Krans. Kim is not only a vanguard of the new Tarot movement but the person who is redefining it for the twenty-first century

This box set includes:

  • 12 blank folding cards, one for each astrological sign and matching envelopes with a dreamy star pattern inside.
  • Printed on heavyweight recycled paper.
  • This set comes in a beautiful gift box with a black pull-out ribbon.

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The Wild Unknown is a universe that continues to expand. In its earliest form, it was a self-publishing moniker for the artwork of Kim Krans. Soon after the release of Kim’s tarot deck in 2013, The Wild Unknown became a trusted voice and vision for seekers around the globe. Since then we have grown to produce a full line of products including books, decks, prints, and ritual accessories.

But The Wild Unknown is more than just products and publications. The mystery it represents requires a commitment to knowledge, spiritual practice, radical thinking, and transformation through creative acts. In other words… all the experiences you cannot buy. We’ve realized it’s time for The Wild Unknown to reveal its true self, a vast universe that includes the opportunity for personal connection and growth.

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