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Protection Bracelet with Tourmaline & Tridatu // Tiger Frame


Wearing this sacred yarn bracelet with a Black Tourmaline stone will bring sanctity and protection from all iniquity and bad spirits. This bracelet is purified by holy water. 

The Black Tourmaline will protect you from earth demons and negative energy, it also grounds the root chakra and purifies the energy body. It protects against electromagnetic smog. Protection galore!

This Balinese bracelet known as Tridatu consist by 3 yarns colored red, black and white. Tridatu is the three manifestations of the gods – Brahma (the creator), Visnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). Tridatu is a magical thing and symbolizes the three elements. The red element symbolizes creativity and bravely, the black element symbolizes powerful and protected us from bad spirit and white element symbolizes spirituality and goodness. Tridatu as a symbol to remind people that life is not just one color, but many colors.

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– Base: 925 Sterling Silver

– Gold Plated

– Black Tourmaline

– Nickel Free

Tiger Frame Jewellery is a celebration of vivid imagery and vibrant colours inspired by Tiger’s recent travels.