White Light & Grounding Ritual

Quick and easy 4 step guide to a White Light & Grounding Ritual.

Step 1: Rid your home of negative energy with Smoke Cleanse using a smouldering White Sage bundle. Cast out bad vibes and banish negative energy. Remember to get into the corners!

Step 2: Place a piece of Selenite in your window. This will channel divine White Light from the Moon Goddess Selene into your home. It acts as an energy conduit/ bridging tool – drawing in sun and moon energy and dispersing it, this will allow you to align with natures rhythms and keep your space cleansed.

Step 3: Choose either a piece of Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline in the center of your home on a low shelf or low table (i.e. close to or on the ground). This will keep you grounded and protected while it works in the background to continuously disperse any negative energy that enters into the earth. You will feel stronger, more stable and their will be harmony and balance in your home.

Step 4: Thank the ancient Druids for their protection and grounding and the Moon for its pure white light energy blessings.

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Madame Formtastica