Insta Sale – Altar – anssie77- Part B


Ocean Jasper Smudge Bowl // €117 A

Carnelian Alter Dish // €66 G

Septarian Shaman Work or Ancestor Altar Slab // €42 C

Optical High Grade Selenite Altar Slab // €26 F

Optical High Grade Selenite Altar Slab // €22 H

Petrified Wood Altar Slabs // €22 I

Luster Chinese Ritual Cup // €15

Nut Seed Instrument // €15

Citrine Points // €13 F

Flower Agate Goddess Icon // €9

Prosperity Altar Offering // €5.99

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner! Gorg Rainbow Moonstone Tower xxx


Part A: 176.5

Part B: 176.5

Total: 352.99

Feather // Naturally molted feather from local birdies in Amsterdam, hand collected by Katherine and hand chosen with love from us to you!! No animals were harmed or plucked! xoxoxo

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