Smoky Quartz Silky Double Terminated Wands


For the gentle removal of negative energy

These Smoky Quartz Silky Double Terminated Wands are something special. They are silky soft to the touch having been carefully carved and smoothed to give them soft edges. In Feng Shui these soft edges allow energy to flow more easily, making these deluxe energy working tools. Using one end you can remove negative or blocked energy form the physical body or aura field and releasee it out into the ether with the other end.

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Smoky Quartz

Ancient Druids called Smoky Quartz the “Stone of Power” representing the dark power of the Earth Gods. It is used in tribal ceremonies and shamanic rituals for scrying or to connect with the spiritual world while keeping you safe in this one, releasing negative energy into the Earth.

Connecting to the root chakra, it acts as an anchor to the natural world, helping focus primal energy and survival instincts in a positive way within the body encouraging strength and stability. It emits celestial vibrations, helps show you the truth and creates harmony and balance in your home.


All crystals at my house are hand-picked by me, with a focus on their energy and beauty. Each crystal is cleansed and charged under the moonlight & it comes with its own information and care scroll.

At House of Formlab, we always try to source our crystals in an ethically minded way. We only choose high-quality pieces and work with trusted and reputable suppliers who also take ethics in the crystal supply chain very seriously.

With love and crystal infused blessings,

Madame Formtastica

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